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About Us

A small team of creative minds.

For the sake of the environment, we have made it our task to devote ourselves to the surplus of mannequins that has arisen over the decades in order to counteract the ever-increasing generation of waste that is difficult to non-biodegradable. True to our motto: More recycling means less landfill. Thus, commercial operators as well as private individuals have the opportunity to purchase one of our refurbished products.

The figures, which we also use ourselves in our decorations and events, are professionally restored in our specialist workshop and each model is given an individual and hand-painted make-up.

All items offered by us are used and have been revised unless otherwise stated.

SanVision Mannequins is purely an online shop. There is no "click and buy" button. For your questions and orders, please contact us. We're happy to help.

There are many other mannequins in our studio and new ones are always being added, but they cannot be listed here. Just talk to us.